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My name is Keith P – Wall Street finance geek by day, dashing debonair Mr. Cocktail by night.  Sadly no … but it sounded interesting.  Actually, I am in the truest sense of the word, a novice.  I should qualify this a bit. I am a novice in the sophisticated arts of cocktail imbibing and home mixology.  I live and work in NYC, a city with a rich food and cocktail scene, but it was only through a chance meeting of friends at a local NYC lounge that I had my first “real” cocktail and discovered there was much more to sophisticated drinking.  I have taken inspiration from the many places I have visited and the many blogs, websites and other resources that are the backbone of my experience.

Thus, began my journey into the vast sphere of cocktail mixology and this blog is a chronicle of my adventures. I welcome your comments or thoughts- please feel free to contact me at KeithP@thespeakista.com

Standard Disclaimer Relating to Samples and Reviews:

While not the sole focus of this weblog, but potentially a growing share of the content of this site, occasionally I will undertake the writing of reviews of various spirits, products or venues. Unless otherwise specifically noted (and I will note it as such in a review or post) you should assume that any review (spirit review or other) I write was NOT as a result of a sample having been provided to me but rather such spirit or item was sourced by me and such review generated out of my desire to post greater content for my readers.  There is absolutely no quid pro quo; I receive nothing from any company for writing a review (unless a sample is provided and as such has been noted by me in said review) and even if  a sample were to be provided to me there is no guarantee of a good review by me of such sample.  I strive to provide my readers with the best possible information that I can including my reviews (which are my own thoughts).

Advertising Disclaimer:

This site currently has no advertising but may participate in various programs as needed or desired.  We will update this disclosure when appropriate.

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