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A funny thing happened on the way to …

… my last blog post. 

I stopped posting.  Why?  Ah, therein lies my problem …

… a lot actually happened, to me since I last posted herein. Life, work and the balance between both sorta spiraled in many directions, pulling me in many directions, that I started to feel unfocussed with respect to my passion … this tiny little blog.  At the same time, I ran smack dab into my increasing frustrations with technology (and my complete lack of understanding of it) as it relates to keeping up with and maintaining the infrastructure of this site.  On this point, it is clear that I am not a programer, my site looks boring, the pictures are dull/flat (in relation to sites that I admire) and so I started to feel dull, flat and bored with my output.

So as my job was taking on a ten-fold increase in stress, and our family was moving around the Big Apple and we were knee deep in the hated NYC private school selection process, I retreated a bit from the fun that I originally had felt writing my thoughts on the topic of this site.  I struggled with a constant thought that was emerging, am I creating content that people care to read?  What could I do to differentiate this site from others?  Help was needed …

All of this rambling incoherence is leading me to the simple point, that I’m back.  I’m back posting on the topic(s) I love.  We will work to improve the look of the site over time. We will work to provide content that is worth the time spent to read it.  We will, refocus.

On the content side we will move away from the standard posting of cocktail recipes from source materials and post more of our own unique creations (we’ve been spending time honing our skills on this front and believe we have some interesting things to offer … at least we are willing to be critiqued on them).  We will be spending more time on reviews — I love these because they give us an opportunity to explore. We’ll review new spirits, new bars/lounges/restaurants.  We’ll review new ideas … I have been exploring home brewing, learning a lot and having a ton of fun.

Thank you for your support, when you read this site you are supporting our efforts and it means  lot to me.  I will see you back here real soon and please, let me know your thoughts on what you would like to see by way of improvements?






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