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Warm Weather Drink Challenge … Beer Bash

A few summers back we undertook a project designed to highlight, showcase or otherwise review drinks that worked well in warm weather. As the Northeast bakes in heat and humidity, it seemed like a great time to dust this little project off.

We do this in large part by embracing something which for the longest time I simple did not enjoy … beer.  What changed?  Our most recent vacation helped me to enjoy many a tall frosty one and I have kept it up low this past month.  So Beer Bash it is … this little adventure spread over a few coming weeks will highlight my attempts at creativity and the use of suds.  True, a sip of beer right out of the bottle is quite nice but we thought to do a little more.  For the most part we have confined ourselves to using but a few representative beers but we leave open the option to do more.

Not entirely sure what gave rise to this drink in my mind but I do love aquavit and not that long ago I remember sampling a drink, someplace, that paired it with elderflower liqueur.  It is by no measure a complicated drink and will not win any awards for creativity but it does fit the bill in terms of being a refreshing drink to sip on when it is warm outside … a nice balance of flavors, bitter vs. sweet vs. tart.

We hope that you enjoy it, if you are brave enough to mix one up.

Pie o My
Recipe created (he thinks), with naming inspiration from a certain mobster, by theSpeakista

•    1 1/2 oz aquavit  
•    3/4 oz St-Germain elderflower liqueur
•    1/2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
•    1/4 oz simple syrup  
•    ~ 2 oz Stella Artois beer
Garnish: none
Glass: large wine glass (or other cocktail glass)
Tools: mixing glass and tin, bar spoon and a Hawthorn strainer

Assembly: add all of the ingredients save the beer to the mixing glass and shake hard for ten seconds or so until well chilled.  Strain the mixture into the serving glass that has been filled with a large ice rock and top with the beer (keep reserved beer nearby and continue to add in as needed … or Hell, just drink it).

Several more of these beer-based drinks await us as does a new spirit review and a few other goodies.  Hope this summer finds you all doing well and we shall see you back here real soon.

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{ 3 comments… add one }

  • Jason Walsh July 11, 2012, 10:33 pm

    Hi Speakista, I seen your article on Negroni Nervana and was inspiring.
    Hope I’m not too late as I would like to submit my personal
    Take/variation on the Negroni. Here you go:
    Pepper Negroni
    1oz Plymouth 
    1oz Chili pepper infused 
    Yellow Chartruese 
    1oz Dolin Sweet Vermouth

    Many thanks,

    Jason Walsh
    Nyc Mixologist

  • KeithP July 15, 2012, 5:15 pm

    Thank you Jason. This looks great … I tried to tool around with a riff that used rye, yellow chartreuse and bianco vermouth and while it was good, it wasn’t great (I liked it better when something bolder, like an amaro was used in place of the bianco/blanc vermouth). This looks really nice. What chili did you use? I’ll give this one a try and post it up.

    You’re in NYC? Great!

  • Jason Walsh July 16, 2012, 10:29 pm

    Hey Keith I used a Serrano chili, I only let it steep for a solid day
    any more then that becomes a bit overwhelming and I didn’t want to lose the other flavors.



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