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Negroni Nirvana: Wrapping it all up

Apologies but with all the fun and sun had on our recent trip to the Caribbean and the crap load of work that descended upon us upon our return getting our summary post up has taken some time.

Negroni Nirvana was such a fun experience for us and we hope, for you as well.  Having only really embraced our bitter side over the past few years, the Negroni is the drink by which I judge all others seeking to cure a bitter craving.  Our journey taught us once again how simple twists can yield amazing results.

We have grouped drinks presented in this series by categories, in terms of the principal base spirit used.

Gin-based Negroni Variants:

- Classic Negroni and the Maloney Negroni: the classic recipe (1:1:1 ratio of ingredients) compared against a “drinkers version” at a 2:1 ratio of gin to sweet vermouth/Campari

- Aged Negroni: theSpeakista’s attempt from last year at barrel aging this bitter beauty; soft, demure and almost candy like in sweetness makes this an amazing version of the classic

- Negroni Swizzle: simple twist on preparation yields an amazing warm weather drink

- Unusual Negroni: a twist on the classic using the less forward Aperol (in place of the Campari) and Lillet Blanc (in place of the vermouth)

- Ransom Negroni: Ransom Old Tom gin + Punt e Mes + Gran Classico Bitter = a beautiful sipping drink

- Negroni d’Or: gin is paired with a blanc vermouth and Gran Classico Bitter

- Berloni: a boldly flavorful London-style gin is mixed with Cynar and dry vermouth

- White Negroni: gin, Cocchi Americano and dry vermouth create an interesting mixture (original recipe used Suze)

- Nerina: taken from the Employees Only cocktail book, “Speakeasy,” the Nerina was probably our favorite variant sampled … an amazing mixture of gin, Punt e Mes and Meletti amaro

- Cubed Negroni: a theSpeakista original designed to turn the Negroni into an Old Fashioned

Rum/Rhum-based Negroni Variants:

- Right Hand: a near classic in its own right, Michael McIlroy’s homage to the Negroni replaces gin for an aged rum (as well as a few dashes of mole bitters)

- Neisson Negroni: a rhum agricole stands in for gin in a riff that looks very much like the Right Hand

- Kingston Negroni: Joaquin Simo’s addicting tribute to the Negroni utilizes that funky rum Smith & Cross, in lieu of gin … one of our all-time favorite drinks

- Ashtray Heart: unsure if it is or is not a true Negroni riff but we none-the-less included Eric’s drink because it tastes so damn good

- Casino Soul: familiar in some respects to other offered variants, the Casino Soul matches rhum with a blanc vermouth and Cynar for a really nice tasting drink

- Candencia Obscura: you know it is going to be good when you see a drink recipe that utilizes Zacapa 23-year old rum …

Whisky/Whiskey-based Negroni Variants:

- Left Hand: the chicken or the egg … the Right Hand or the Left Hand … Sam Ross’ homage to either the Negroni or the Right Hand or both … bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari find sweet love in a glass

- Laddie Negroni: another theSpeakista creation utilizing an Islay-style whisky with sweet vermouth and Campari … smoky, bitter and actually kinda nice

- Old Pal: a bourbon Negroni? Sure thing but this time with dry vermouth

- Boulevard des Reves: woah, George T. Stagg over proof bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari find happiness together in a mixing glass

- Paddywack Negroni: Irish whiskey, Gran Classico Bitter and blanc vermouth

- Malena: another recipe from the guys at EO, this time rye, ruby port and flower water find their way into the mix

- The Tyrion: the drink that finished it all up … our final creation for the series pairing rye, coffee-infused Carpano Antica and Amer Picon

Tequila/Mezcal-based Negroni Variants:

- Agavoni: silver tequila in place of the gin (and a few dashes of orange bitters) … simple as can be

- Mezcal Amores: sub in a little mezcal and some Punt e Mes and all is well with the world

Aquavit-based Negroni Variants:

- Lo Scandinavio: aquavit + sweet vermouth + the ubiquitous Gran Classic Bitter … nice!

- Trident: Robert Hess’ classic drink of aquavit, sherry and Cynar; there’s a reason this drink is so famous … it’s so damn good!

Brandy-based Negroni Variants:

- Pisco Negroni: that Latin American spirit pisco is used in an interesting, and quite tasty variation

- Haute Negroni: unaged (or aged in our riff on the riff) cognac is paired with Lillet Blanc and Campari

Genever-based Negroni Variants:

- Negroni’s Loss: a riff that employs a different style of gin, that malty wonder, in a great effort

There you have it.  Negroni Nirvana …

We will see you back real soon.

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