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Negroni Nirvana – Is that all there is?

It is with great sadness and a sense of loss that we come to this, the very last day of Negroni Nirvana.  This series was designed, as our past similar efforts have been, at paying homage to a classic drink; exploring the original recipe in detail and then expanding our view on said drink by trying many a variant of the recipe in hopes of learning as much as we can.

During Negroni Nirvana we experienced much by way of taste, texture and fun:

-    Recipes presented used a variety of base spirits including gin (11 recipes), whisky/whiskey (6 recipes), rum/rhum (7 recipes), tequila/mezcal (2 recipes), aquavit (2 recipes), genever (1 recipe), pisco (1 recipe) and cognac (1 recipe)

-    Replacements for sweet vermouth ranged from different types of vermouth (dry, blanc, the bitter Punt e Mes and even Lillet Blanc … an aromatized wine) to different amari and even a sherry

-    Campari, the bitter beauty was replaced on several occasions – Gran Classico Bitter seemed by far to be the choice  of substitute but we also experienced some different amari as well

-    For all but one drink, stirring was the preferred method of choice but when we did stray, to the land of swizzle, what a difference it was

So it is today, at the end of it all, that we hit you with one last theSpeakista original creation.  We apologize for putting you through this but we believe that the below recipe is a worthy effort.  Building off of all of our prior experiences in the nirvana, the Tyrion seeks to balance a variety of strongly flavorful ingredients into a balanced affair.

We hope that you enjoy not only this drink but our entire effort.

As Negroni Nirvana comes to a close, we are interested to hear what have been your favorite recipes?

The Tyrion
Recipe created (he thinks) with much inspiration provided by the many brave souls who came before us, by theSpeakista

•    1 oz Rittenhouse bonded
•    1 oz coffee-infused Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
•    1 oz Gran Classico Bitter or Amer Picon (either/or was used by us)
Garnish: orange twists + rinse of white cacao liqueur
Glass: chilled rocks glass
Tools: mixing glass, bar-spoon and julep strainer

Assembly: Add all of the ingredients to the mixing glass and stir for several minutes with plenty of cracked and non-cracked ice until well chilled (adding in additional ice as needed along the way).  Rinse the serving glass with the white cacao liqueur.  Strain the drink into the serving glass that contains a large rock ice cube, garnish, serve and enjoy!  

So that’s it!  A 30+ day exploration into the many faces, expressions and moods of that venerable bitter drink, the Negroni.  In no way was this journey intended to be a one off experience, but we hope that it will be for you what it has been for us, inspiration to try something new.

We are off next week on vacation … when we return, we’ll look to get a full wrap-up of Negroni Nirvana posted.

Thanks again and we’ll see you back here real soon.

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  • jellydonut June 3, 2012, 7:31 am

    Named after our favorite Lannister lion? :p

  • KeithP June 3, 2012, 8:51 pm

    That’s right … shorter in stature and perceived character than its siblings yet brash, bold and intelligent in its own right.

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