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Old Fashioned’s in October – The American Trilogy

Well that was a downright nice evening.  Simple tweak to the formula, the addition of a lush rhum agricole in addition to a fine American whiskey and a new near classic version of the drink is had.  Tonight, we keep to the theme of splitting the spirits alive and well in Old Fashioned’s in October, and this time rhum is left on the rack and we grab a bottle of high powered  brandy to see what joys may be found when once again paired off with rye.

Our prior post/recipe served to highlight once again, the fun that can be generated through flavor combining different spirits.  The rhum agricole selected was, at the higher proof provided, extremely flavorful lending added layers of toffee and candy like sweetness together with a richer, suppler mouth feel.  When tasted with an extremely savory, woody and some what smoky rye, natural harmony was created.  The qualities of the rhum tempered those of the rye and likewise, the rye served to enhance those of the rhum.  Harmony achieved.

Today we engage in a similar effort by pairing the same equally bold rye against an equally bold, bonded applejack.  Bonded applejack might seem at first to be an odd inclusion but that momentary dismissal will easily give way post further reflection.  In much the same way that the rhum agricole equally enhanced its spirit partner, so too we find that applejack is not only a leading character but a strong supporting partner as well.  The applejack, despite being of the same proof as the rye, doesn’t “over heat the mixture” instead the savory rye and semi-sweet, fruity brandy are natural compliments.

The American Trilogy, created by Michael McIlroy while at NYC’s Milk and Honey is an absolute favorite of mine.  Let’s see how it does showing off these two amazing spirits.

* Note: please have a look at the video contained in the media box in the upper right of this post. It not only showcases this drink being made professionally but also showcases … ice “production” at a higher end craft bar … kinda cool.

American Trilogy
Recipe created by Michael McIlroy while at Milk and Honey (NYC) and adapted by theSpeakista

•    1 oz rye whiskey (Rittenhouse bonded was used)
•    1 oz Laird’s Bonded Applejack
•    1 sugar cube
•    Splash of filtered water
•    2 dashes of orange bitters (Regan’s was used)
Garnish: orange twist
Glass: rocks or old fashioned glass
Tools: muddler and bar-spoon

Assembly: Put the sugar cube in the bottom of the serving glass and add bitters and water on top; muddle into a fine paste.  Add the spirit and a large cubed ice cube to the glass and stir for a minute.  Garnish and enjoy.

The verdict:  almost nothing to say beyond … fantastic!  The rye and applejack are perfect together in this Old Fashioned like framework and in this preparation far bolder (versus if you made with a rich sugar syrup … which would mellow things out a bit).

Thank you very much Michael … this is your second addition to recent projects and we appreciate your efforts.  What’s up next?  Tired of splitting spirits, we make our first go at subbing out whiskey all-together.

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