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Old Fashioned’s in October – Rum’s sweet embrace

Sorry Dear Readers for the delay in posting, a minor work scheduling issue had me face-to-face with deadlines and other assorted fun … we are back at it now.

We have hit the “week” mark in Old Fashioned’s in October and what a supremely fun experience it has been so far.  For those of you just joining our show already in progress —- seriously, how could you be so late? — Old Fashioned’s in October is our little, insignificant effort at shinning the imbibing spot light on this most humble of classic drinks by showcasing it in a variety of different settings.

The past week has seen our little formula in its most bare, original form and we’ve progressed through a series of subtle tweaks aimed at testing out the formula against a backdrop of different spirit and sweetening agent combinations.  The past two days have seen us replace whiskey all together and instead let cognac and scotch serve as the spirit medium of choice.  Today, we end this little experiment by turning full focus on that sublimely beautiful spirit … rum.

You’ll likely note that in our time together (me blathering to you in jagged prose and you reading intently) that I have had and continue to have, a growing love affair for rum. It seems like just the other day when Mr. Rum Dood himself was providing us with a care package of rum-based goodies.  I have looked forward to this day in our series in part because for me, in many ways, rum is a perfect sprit to play around with in an Old Fashioned formula.  Naturally sweet on its own, rum offers a fantastic opportunity for experimentation.  My current “house version” of the rum OF is just that, my current version; it has morphed, grown and developed into something which is constantly evolving.  When I seek out a rum OF I have no idea why I turn all Tiki on the drink but in some ways this is what really peaks my fancy in this drink … nuanced wonders from layered rums; multiple sweetening and bittering agents to modify the spirits, etc.  The below version is consistent with this Tiki-like theme — two powerfully good rums, one lush and decadent and the other bold and funky are mixed in our glass and serve to highlight the balance that can be achieved when many parts create a single, new taste.

Please let us know what you think of the below recipe.

Rum Old Fashioned
Recipe created by theSpeakista with heavy inspiration taken from others

•    2 1/2 oz Ron Zacapa 23 aged rum
•    1/4 oz Smith & Cross rum
•    1 bar-spoon cane syrup
•    1 tsp. vanilla syrup (Trader Tiki brand was used)
•    2 dashes of The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters
•    1 dash of The Bitter Truth Xocolatl Bitters
Garnish: lemon twist and orange twist
Glass: rocks or old fashioned glass
Tools: mixing glass, bar-spoon and julep strainer

Assembly: In the mixing glass put all of the ingredients and stir with plenty of ice for about thirty-seconds.  Strain the mixture into the chilled serving glass that has a large brick or cubed piece of ice. Garnish, sip and enjoy.

Wow, I’m a happy boy.  Next stop, a trip through a very familiar garden.

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