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Old Fashioned’s in October – Karate Man

Heck, we’ve had a couple of days of downright fun and amazing drinks including last nights journey into tequila bliss.  Today, Old Fashioned’s in October makes a go at something new, from yours truly.  Not one to shy away from a challenge we found ourselves competing in a cocktail challenge (thanks again to the Godfather for twisting my arm) to develop a cocktail that best defines a particular city.  Needless to say I neither live in said city nor possess great insight into the pulse of its scene but we never the less pressed on with a bout of creative inspiration.

In developing the Winthorp I set out to see if I could capture several things in a glass that reminded me of this city and was by and large, easy for others to replicate.  A combination of urban and funky mixed with a touch of history and new age brashness all combined with a feeling of the impending turn towards Fall, these characteristics all formed my inspiration.  As such, we wanted a boozy forward drink to capture the brashness; a strong rye presence to sing about the history of this city; Irish whiskey and an Italian amaro are paired to showcase the two most dominate cultures of the city; all this captured in an Old Fashioned framework with a touch of citrus to ease and mute the stronger flavors.  While I didn’t win the competition I still find that the Winthorp is a nice Old Fashioned variant and worthy of somebody else trying it out.

In keeping with other theSpeakista originals presented for your review we have limited our full review and hereby offer it for others to try and to comment.  We hope that you enjoy.

* bonus: to those of you who can place the name of the drink and the title heading of this post to the movie and/or city of origin.  

The Winthorp
Recipe created by theSpeakista  

•    2 oz Rittenhouse bonded rye
•    3/4 oz Michael Collins Irish Whiskey
•    1/2 oz Meletti amaro
•    1 sugar cube
•    1 orange twist (peel)
•    1 lemon twist (peel)
Garnish: no additional needed
Glass: rocks or old fashioned glass
Tools: muddler and bar-spoon

Assembly:  Add the twists and the sugar cube to the glass with a teaspoon of chilled, filtered water; muddle the mixture both to break down the cub and to release the oils from the twists.  Add the remaining ingredients, stir lightly and add ice.  Mix to blend adding more ice as needed.  

Okay, there you have it, another theSpeakista original for all to mock.  Tomorrow, a little something Modern.

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