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Good luck!

We are sad upon writing this post to report that a friend of ours has moved on …

Queue sound of needle upon record: No, it is the not the case that some one has died!

… to greener pastures.  It is rare, maybe not so rare for those lucky individuals who imbibe in their fair cities on a frequent basis, that one gets to know and build a relationship with a bartender. The relationship is part educational but most of all fun.  So it was the case with the Boss and me as we got to know Shiraz Noor, a bartender (and frankly all-around utility player) at Eleven Madison Park.  While we started going to EMP in part because of location (the Boss works in the building) we also went because I had heard great things about Leo Robitschek and his bar program. While we have gotten to know Leo, we were also introduced to Shiraz and in so doing, developed a fond friendship.

Shiraz is now moving on to greener pastures, taking over the helm at a Nolita Italian restaurant in several managerial positions.  We’ll miss our time with Shiraz at EMP, look forward to catching up with him at his new venture and at the same time, getting to know better the entire fantastic crew behind the EMP bar.

In addition to my “borrowing” one of his recipes from an EMP visit (I watched and learned), Shiraz was kind enough to comment recently on one of my drinks by offering up one of his own creations; a beer based riff on the Blood and Sand.  We have made that drink (sans a key ingredient, the recommended beer, as I could not find) and it was extremely refreshing.  In honor of our friend, recognizing that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I offer up a humble riff on his drink.

In Homage
Recipe created by theSpeakista (adapted based on the drink created by Shiraz Noor, “The Blood and Saison”, while at Eleven Madison Park, in NYC)   

•    1 oz Jameson’s Irish Whiskey
•    3/4 oz Rothman & Winter Orchard Apricot brandy
•    3/4 oz Punt e Mes vermouth
•    3/4 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
•    ~4 oz Hoegaarden beer
Garnish:  none
Glass: ice cold Collins glass
Tools: mixing glass and tin, Hawthorne strainer and bar-spoon

Assembly: Combine all ingredients except the beer into the mixing glass and shake with ice for about 10 to 15 seconds.  Strain into the serving glass that has several cubed ice cubes.  Top with the beer and lightly blend with the bar-spoon.

Thanks again Shiraz for the fun, hospitality and the chance to make a new friend.  Good luck in your new adventures.

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