Manhattan’s in May … Three days left

by KeithP on June 2, 2011

So far our little journey that we’ve dubbed Manhattan’s in May has taken us up and down the big Island, over to parts unknown (by me) of  Brooklyn, back to Manhattan, and on to four other states.  It has been a hell of a good time. We find ourselves back in New York state but not quite at home, yet.  Our flights were detoured around bad weather and landing upstate, we had to make our way back by car. Passing through a famous hamlet, we paused and gave thought to an opportunity.  Yes dear readers, theSpeakista is feeling generous and is supplying you with a two-fer in this post.

Today we explore something interesting in cocktail construction — spirit combining.  While our prior versions have used a single base spirit with enhancements around the edges, today’s stop has us explore an interesting twist on the theme. What happens when we start with the same basic, beautiful recipe and while keeping the base spirit (in this case rye) add in a new, leading actor to the ensemble?  Do we get what we normally find in Tiki drinks, multiple layers of flavors, unique drink profiles and a drink that is so much more that its parts? Let us see.

Our first recipe has us taking up the basic Manhattan recipe, dimming the rye a tad and adding in some cognac.  Cognac? Yup.  As is typical for me, I came across my first read of this drink exploring Paul’s site, in this case, his 30 in 30 experiment.  An interesting take on our little gem and there is a lot of room to play with here — depending upon the rye, cognac and vermouth selected, you can get a completely different experience. If bold, brash and commanding is what strikes your fancy simply pair Wild Turkey 101 rye with “Force 53” cognac and Carpano Antica and boom, there you have it.  Seeking something with a little more refinement, a little more elegance; simple, take the High West Whiskey Bourye, team it with Pierre Ferrand and Dolin Rouge and sip until bliss is achieved.  Or, you may simply give the below blush a go.  You see, the playing field is wide open for what ever suits your mood.

Having become a fan of the 12 Bottle Bar site, and really enjoying the history lesson found in their write-up of the drink, we present the below for your pleasure/review and a link to their fantastic site.

Recipe sourced from the 12 Bottle Bar blog and adapted by theSpeakista

•    1 oz rye whiskey (Old Overholt was used)
•    1 oz cognac (Pierre Ferrand Ambre was used)
•    1 oz sweet vermouth (Dolin Rouge was used)
•    2 dashes Angostura bitters
Garnish: lemon twist
Glass: cocktail coupe or cocktail glass
Tools: mixing glass, bar-spoon and a julep strainer

Assembly: Stir the ingredients in the mixing glass with plenty of ice until well chilled and then strain the mixture into the serving glass. Garnish and serve up.

The GPS would appear to be on the fritz as we arrive once again in Brooklyn.  In case you are wondering, we are not here for another neighborhood-named drink but rather to sample our next spin off of our original, beautiful formula. First sampled by me more than a year ago, while drinking at the Clover Club, the Nick’s Riff (as I dubbed it then) has become a fan (mine) favorite.  Nick Jarrett, the CC bartender who presented it to me indicated that it was his take on tiki drinks applied to a Manhattan.  Once again, let us see how it turns out.

Nick’s Riff (Manhattan Variant)
Recipe based on a drink created by Nick Jarrett at the Clover Club in NYC and adapted by theSpeakista

•    1 oz rye whiskey (Rittenhouse bonded was used)
•    1 oz rye whiskey (Bulleit Rye was used)
•    1 oz sweet vermouth (Carpano Antica was used)
•    2 dashes Peychauds bitters
Garnish: orange twist
Glass: cocktail coupe or cocktail glass
Tools: mixing glass, bar-spoon and a julep strainer

Assembly: Stir the ingredients in the mixing glass with plenty of cracked and non-cracked ice until the mixture is well chilled, or your fingers fall off (which ever comes first). Garnish and serve up.

While not thrilled with how we made it back to NYC, I’m thrilled at what we have encountered upon our return.  We find ourselves back in the car and heading once again over the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan.  Making our way towards the West Village (really Tribeca north), we ponder what lies ahead of us on our quest with but two days remaining.

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DavidS June 2, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Thanks for the mention of our site — very glad to hear that you like it. The Saratoga was certainly a fun piece to write.

KeithP June 3, 2011 at 6:34 pm

My thanks to you — it is a great site to read.

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