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Mixology Monday: Flips

Ah heck!! How did it sneak up on me yet again?  Well, it is here so let’s go … Our Mixology Monday this time is being hosted by Josh Cole at Cocktail Assembly and the theme chosen by Josh is flips.  You got it, flips.  I’m assuming at this stage that most of you are far more knowledgeable and up the drinking curve than I but as a reminder a flip is a rather old and venerable drink that will contain amongst other ingredients, a raw egg.  Yup, a raw egg.

Author’s admission under oath is hereby submitted for review by the jury:  “I admit, despite a few years as a novice cocktailian and most definitely as a newbie blogger (okay, at the full year mark I will stop using this moniker) that I have never, ever … no really not once, ever tried a flip prior to this MxMo.”

Flips — what to do? I knew this day would come, expected it to be of a date and reason of my own choosing but we none-the-less must persevere.  In a grand plan that has since gone by the way side I thought that I would gently tip my toe into this portion of the cocktail sphere by doing as I so often do; seek out certain drinking establishments to have them make me one, or several of these drinks.  Why?  I figured if I was going to give it a go at trying drinks with raw eggs in them that I may as well do it at top flight venues.  Don’t get me wrong, I have tried plenty of sours and other types of drinks (both at and away from the home base) that contain raw egg whites but never the whole kit and kaboodle . I have, much like my queasiness at sushi, shied away from such things (okay, maybe I admit to much fear about disease and other maladies).   I guess if I can venture forth and finally take the plunge by eating sashimi than can flips be that far behind?

A grand first attempt falls, slightly, flat: when the MxMo theme was first announced I had no idea what so ever to do (aside from not participating). With absolutely zero by way of background into the subject it was a chance reference by the Godfather into a drink of similar name but wildly different construction that led me to my first test subject.  The Crooklyn Flip was created by Clif Travers at Bar Celona in Brooklyn and was profiled in several places including Imbibe.  It struck me as a somewhat odd, yet interesting recipe and so I decided to make it.  Well, it was interesting to taste but not really to my liking.  Smooth and possessing an extremely lush mouth feel, the drink’s ingredients seemed to compete against one another in the glass.  Bitter fought sweet and these in turn fought the drying character of the sherry and the fruity backdrop of the main spirit ingredient.  Crap!  What was I to do … this was, I thought, going to be my one lone try (until another time) at flips.  Feeling completely unsatisfied I opted to do a little more leg work and come up with another offering.

It is interesting how a thought about a drink or a drinking establishment or a particular bartender (bar chef, mixologist etc … no offense at all intended) can lead you down a path of exploration.  So it was this past week when reviewing a drink series on line that I went in search of drinks created by a particular mixologist, the very talented Lindsay Nader of PDT in NYC.  While in search of something else I came across her entry into the Appleton Estate Bartender competition and also fell upon two drinks not of her making.  One that I will profile soon (because it &*ckin rocks) and the other because of this here MxMo.

Carribean Cream
Recipe created by Brent Lamberti of RdV in NYC

•    2 oz Appleton Estate Reserve rum
•    1 oz English Breakfast Syrup*
•    1/2 oz heavy whipping cream
•    1 whole egg
Garnish: grated lemon zest and allspice
Glass: cocktail glass
Tools: glass and tin (shaker), small mesh tea strainer and small grater

* to make the English Breakfast Syrup (recipe adapted by theSpeakista), combine equal amounts of turbinado sugar and water in a pot on the stove and to this add two tea bags worth of English Breakfast tea.  Simmer on low flame until the sugar is dissolved and the tea has had time to blend.  Triple strain the mixture and let cool.

Assembly: Combine all of the ingredients in the shaker and dry shake hard for at least 10 seconds; add ice and shake for an additional 10 to 20 seconds until the mixture is well chilled.  Double-stain the mixture into the serving glass and grate the fresh lemon zest and allspice over top of the drink.

The verdict: what a difference a night and a recipe can make.  Aaaahhhhh, oh my this thing is luscious, velvety and altogether “addictingly” (yes, my word) smooth.  The aroma of spice and citrus greets your nose laying the groundwork for what will come next.  No disrespect is meant when I say that upon first tasting this drink my thoughts wondered to another creature of a drink … the quirky Mudslide.  These thoughts soon faded upon tasting layer upon layer of deep richness and subtlety.  Toffee, caramel, spice and herbs all hit you in a coating wave of slightly sweet and yet cloudy wonder.  This drink is down right freaking good. It will make you forget that you just drank a raw egg and instead turn your thoughts back to your liquor cabinet because you most definitely need to be shaking a new one shortly upon finishing the first.

Am I a flip convert? Well, the jury is still out.  Let us do as we always seem to do in such experimental flights of fancy and get ourselves to some drink making dens of goodness to see what flips they can offer and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be sipping such lovelies again.

So thanks again to Josh for hosting our little get together and be sure to go to his site to check out all of the other entries.

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{ 4 comments… add one }

  • DJ HawaiianShirt January 18, 2011, 9:19 am

    You got a NYC bar to make you a flip? I’m surprised, because I’ve been reading about the local government hacks cracking down on bars making drinks with raw eggs in them.

  • The Godfather January 18, 2011, 9:41 pm

    Speaking of raw eggs…. During my move I came across a bottle of Pisco. I remember a few years ago we unsuccessfully took a stab at this Peruvian staple. Any new ideas?

  • KeithP January 19, 2011, 7:28 am

    I hear ya, I also enjoy salt on my food and sugar in my chewing gum (all things frowned upon). You can find flips on menus but you’re likely going to see them at the craft style places; was at a place last week and they had two on the menu.

  • KeithP January 19, 2011, 7:39 am

    Hey brother — ah, pisco. I have learned to enjoy this under appreciated gem of a spirit. In terms of drinks with pisco, give the Cuzco a try (it is quite nice) http://ardentspirits.com/blogs/cocktails/archive/2008/05/15/the-cuzco-cocktail.aspx. If you are looking for a drink containing whites, def try the Rattlesnake (it was fantastic!) http://www.thespeakista.com/2010/08/leo-and-the-rattlesnake-part-2/. The later uses Genever (the funky Dutch style gin) but you can try swapping in bourbon or scotch in its place in lieu of the Genever or get even more experimental and use one of these spirits plus a touch of ale. Hhhhhmm, I sense a little experimentation is around theSpeakista’s next corner.

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