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Hello … welcome back … so you’ve had your fill with nuts and the like?  Yes … it is time to get back in the swing of things and so we have decided to hit the ground running on a series of reviews, targeting various spirits (together with ongoing Brew and Suds, this will make [...]

You have got to be kidding me?  I know we’ve been on a hiatus and doing our best with a renewed push at re-launching our efforts but has it really been a nine month absence from MxMo?  Really?!??!!!!??? As we typically consider our state of mind and efforts in this herein our little adventure, to [...]

Project: Brew and Suds …

Just to show you that your humble host and correspondent isn’t a one trick pony, we have decided to expand our fun by introducing a new Project category.  As a reminder to our long-term readers (and you newbies who are flocking to us in droves) “Projects” are main categories of thoughts/areas interest/specialized topics/etc. designed to [...]

Say Something …


… please!!  Maybe I’ve been listening to that song way too much this past week or maybe having felt inspired to creative and desirous of feedback … but I need you all to do just that … drink my Say Something … I do not fully know what it is about this drink, but I [...]